The government mandate called “Tama 38” (National Outline Plan), a city plan for reinforcing buildings against earthquakes, has been launched. The plan was funded with a large budget, supported by the government, and local authorities almost a decade ago. Be that as it may, in reality the number of “Tama 38” city plan projects in Israel is smaller than expected, including “Tama 38” city plan projects in Jerusalem, and its surrounding areas.

With the adoption of the 3rd amendment to the “Tama 38” city plan on June 2012, an expedited process of advanced planning began on a large number of projects in the city of Jerusalem. Through 2013 and during 2014, we will see a larger number of “Tama 38” projects in Jerusalem.

There are different reasons, and roadblocks standing in the way of executing “Tama 38” projects in Jerusalem, such as financial roadblocks, bureaucratic procedures, lack of knowledge in the field, lack of cooperation and communication among residents, etc… All those make it difficult for the entrepreneurs to execute the “Tama 38” projects, preventing the momentum of urban renewal throughout the country.

In order to facilitate the implementation of “Tama 38” city plans, Manos Group is activating a complete organizational framework of different departments, including the “Tenant at the Center” department, which approaches residents of buildings that comply with “Tama 38” requirements, and guides the procedure through all its stages, in a close, personal, and above all, professional manner.

Manos Group’s primary field of expertise is the area of the city of Jerusalem including its veteran neighborhoods. Manos Group has made it its goal to participate in the national “Tama 38” city plan project, and design Jerusalem’s urban renewal.

Thus far, Manos Group has succeeded in executing “Tama 38” city plan projects in Jerusalem in various neighborhoods throughout the city, including: Kiryat Menachem neighborhood, Gonen Katamon neighborhood, Old Katamon neighborhood, the city center, etc. The various “Tama 38” projects that Manos Group has completed in Jerusalem can be viewed in the Projects Gallery.

Manos Group is happy to support new projects, and encourages inquiries from residents of buildings which comply with “Tama 38” city plan requirements in Jerusalem, and throughout the country. In addition, the Group assists residents in determining whether or not their buildings comply with the requirements.

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