Selected Projects

Acquisition groups

Manos Group specializes in the organization and management of acquisition groups; in other words, bringing together people to design an efficient residential project at an attractive price, one that also eliminates the margin applied by promoters. Indeed, as everyone knows, promoters calculate their prices on a COST basis (cost + margin).

Manos Group’s management system offers the resident a profitable niche, with direct property acquisition and no commission or dependency on promoters or real estate agents. Our system generates substantial savings throughout the different phases, from the purchase of the lot to the moment the keys to the new residence are handed over. This means a reduction in: real estate costs, taxes, permit and approval fees, design and engineering costs, legal fees, advertising and transfer fees, agency commissions, architect’s and interior decorator’s fees, management and construction costs, etc…

Since 2005, 40% of the new apartments in the central zone have been built by real estate acquisition groups. This is the future of real estate: direct property management set up by acquisition groups that operate along the same principles as the Manos Group. These groups make it possible to choose the zone and the required technical specifications and to build high-end residences at a reasonable price.

Manos Group provides its clients with a wide range of services and a high level of cost efficiency:

  • Reduced property prices
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Fewer legal fees
  • Lower design costs
  • Fast track procedures with the planning and approval commissions
  • Lower construction costs

An advance planning for establishing technical specifications at less cost: aluminum, tiling, ceramics, sanitary installations, kitchen fittings, doors and bathrooms.

Types of acquisition groups

Manos Group manages three types of acquisition group:

  • Special interest acquisition groups: – specific groups of people who want to live together, such as: devout nationalists, Haridim (strict observers), Hassidim, Litayim, etc.
  • Open acquisition groups – individuals brought together by marketing and advertising campaigns in order to purchase high-quality residences at more attractive prices.
  • Co-operative acquisition groups – already-existing groups that wish to hire management and design services.


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