Law Regulations

Manos Group is the only company in Jerusalem certified by the “Tama 38 and Urban Renewal Union”. This union, brings together all the top companies in the real estate field that promote different “Tama 38” city plan projects throughout the country.

Manos Group’s legal department is headed by Prof. Aharon Namdar. Prof. Namdar is one of the top Israeli legal experts in the fields of taxation, real estate and urban renewal. In addition, Prof. Aharon Namdar has written and published many legal books, including “Pinui Binui”, “Tama 38”, “Real Estate Taxation”, “Compulsory Acquisition of Land”, “Improvement Levy”, “Value Added Tax”, “Agricultural Adjustment” and “Urban Renewal”, which have been quoted in many Supreme Court verdicts.

Legal Guidelines and Regulations concerning Tama 38 City Plans

איגודCombined laws guidelines

Taxation Guidelines according to Tama 38

Real Estate Taxation Law

Tama 38 Amendment 1 A

Tama 38 Amendment 3

Real Estate Law for Reinforcement Shared Housing against Earthquakes 2008

Minister of Interior Regulations on Full Exemptions from Improvement Taxes
in Jerusalem, Haifa and South Regions

Law guidelines references are taken from the following websites: Ministry of Interior website, Justice Department website, Law Book listings, Justice Department, The Knesset and the Israel Tax Authority