Selected Projects

A new residence with more space and modern comforts.

Evacuation and reconstruction is a unique process that allows residents to enjoy new and more spacious apartments without leaving the neighborhood they love and in which they feel safe.

Manos Group handles the bidding process and the different factors related to the industry, on behalf of the residents and at no extra charge. The results speak for themselves: a new apartment that is larger and more modern, with a brand new kitchen, a terrace, an elevator, a luxurious lobby and manicured gardens as well as a property value that is higher by several percentage points.

Evacuation and reconstruction is the new trend in the real estate market in Israel. The lack of available construction property in Jerusalem and the ensuing housing shortage have made the “evacuation and reconstruction project” (Pinui Binui) a major factor in the future of real estate. This is the solution that allows us to replace old housing complexes and their outdated infrastructures by a large number of new apartment buildings with modern and innovative infrastructures: communications, electricity, water supply, and sewage systems.

Execution steps for the project:



 Up to 6 months

  • Presenting initial proposal for negotiation purposes to the tenants’ representatives
  • Appointing an active committee by the general assembly in the building for a non-binding negotiation with the entrepreneur
  • Appointing an attorney on behalf of the tenants, with the entrepreneur’s full financing. It should be made clear to the tenants that they get to choose their attorney. The entrepreneur just pays the bills…
  • Making a determination of the technical specifications by the tenants’ representatives for every apartment, and plan confirmation.
  • Presenting a detailed contract draft for the tenants’ approval.
  • Signing a contract between the entrepreneur and each of the tenants. It should be emphasized that this is a uniform contract involving all of the tenants.

Cost and Planning

24-30 months from the day of signing the contract

  • Declaration of urban renewal compound by the Ministry of Construction and Housing.
  • Preparing detailed plans for submission, including construction plans, traffic plans, and more.
  • (Approval of Urban Building Scheme (Zoning.
  • Obtaining a building permit.
  • Preparing detailed work plans.

Pinui Binui & Construction

18-24 months from the day of commencing the works

  • Evacuation to a temporary apartment accompanied personally by employees of the company.
  • Moving the contents of the apartment at the expense of the company.
  • Demolition of the existing apartments.
  • New foundations and skeleton.
  • Connecting between existing apartments and the additional constructed space.
  • Finishing touches, including interior design.
  • Form #4.
  • Housing.

Manos Group accompanies its clients in the Evacuation and Reconstruction project in the following domains:

  • Municipal regulations and procedures
  • Management of legal procedures
  • Development and management of the architectural design process
  • Strategic financial accompaniment


  • Management of all real-estate related instances
  • Publication of calls for bids from entrepreneurs
  • Management and execution of the project
  • Management of the evacuation phase until the occupants’ return to a new, modernized residence.

Manos Group offers residents the possibility of communicating with the different instances in order to obtain their full rights.


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