Bolivia 4  / Jerusalem

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Project Location

  • Bolivia 4 St.

  • Residents’ signatures
  • Advanced planning stages
  • Approval from the department in city hall
  • Parking approval
  • Approval from the engineering department
  • Publication
  • Local Committee for Planning and Building
  • Building permit
  • Construction
  • Project completion and handover
בוליביה 4, ירושלים - הדמיה אחרי יישום פרויקט תמא 38

Mr. Shmuel Hai Reuven
Mr. Shmuel Hai ReuvenCEO
LL.B. degree in Law Manos Group – Managementand a BA in Business and Finance. Has extensive experience in project management and all stages of real estate development.
Gershon Brodchandel
Gershon Brodchandel 
NMP 38 planning coordination manager. Manages the planning system and the operation of all the professionals.
Adina Manelis
Adina Manelis 
Administrative manager. BA in Business Administration & Technical Marketing.