CBP 10038 – a City Building Plan that adapts the unique needs of Jerusalem to the age of urban renewal

Author: Moshe Shemesh


Israel up to 1980

NMP 38 (TAMA 38), the much discussed combination of words during these past five years, refers to the fact that most of the buildings built in Israel by 1980 do not meet standard requirements in Israel. As a small state situated on the Syrian-African fault line, the risk of earthquake is high, and thus the NMP 38 Act was enacted.


CBP 10038- Jerusalem’s designated plan

CBP 10038, which was prepared by the planning and construction division of Jerusalem Municipality, aims to adapt NMP 38, reinforcement of structures against earthquakes and urban renewal, to the special needs of the most important city in the world – Jerusalem, Israel’s capital city, sacred to all three major world religions.


CBP 10038 – a multidisciplinary plan

10038 CBP makes a distinction between the different neighborhoods and districts of the city of Jerusalem in terms of:

  • Construction density.
  • Conservation values.
  • Humane texture sensitivity.
  • Land value.
  • Parking availability.
  • Current infrastructures capacity.


CBP 10038 – The planning areas were divided into three categories

The Old Town – the oldest part of Jerusalem, an attraction for tourists, citizens, members of different religions and nations.

The Historic city – the city outside the walls and the conservation areas that were built before 1948.

The New City – areas designated for urban renewal, the city built after 1948.


The building rights established by CBP 10038

Old Town – no building rights under NMP 38.

Historic city – building rights for 1.5 to 2 floors under NMP 38.

New City – building rights for 2, 5 floors under NMP 38.


Land value at the historical city are ​​high.

Land value ​​in the historic city of Jerusalem are significantly higher than in other parts of Jerusalem, and indeed 70 percent of the requests submitted to the Department of Planning and Building of the Jerusalem Municipality with respect to NMP 38 refer to the historic city.


CBP 10038 – Manos Group

The Research Department of Manos Group provides the subject of CBP 10038 with a range of applicative strategic tools that adapt the nature of the plan to the real-estate activity proposed to tenants in the historic city and the new city. Manos Group experts were involved in comprehensive planning in this field