Tama 38 Project Execution Stages

Schedule Overall Schedule
Counseling, studying and characterization
session with the house representatives
Starting point 0  
Preparing an initial program and basic
technical specification for initial approval
by house representatives for negotiation
30 days 30 days
Editing and adjustment of initial program
and technical specification
15 days 40 days
Holding a general assembly for the principal
approval of the project
15 days 60 days
Appointing an acting committee to form the
15 days 75 days
Appointing an attorney on behalf of the
residents to form the agreement
15 days 90 days
Forming the draft of a detailed agreement
between the residents
90 days 180 days
The residents’ adjustments and corrections
to the draft and forming a version for
30 days 210 days
Signing of the agreement with each of
the apartment owners
15 days 225 days
Detailed architectural planning for the
opening of a license file
90 days 315 days
Receiving a construction permit 180 days 495 days
Construction work 548 days 1043 days
Receiving a form 4 for the ending of
the project
90 days 1133 days
New registry of the shared house    
Overall  37-42 months from the initial meeting!