When you have important life decisions to make – Manos Group is here for you.

Manos group’s real estate activities are centered on four main areas:

  • TAMA 38 – building renovation and consolidation
  • Evacuation and reconstruction (Pinui Binui) – managing the urban renewal process
  • Acquisition groups – organization and management
  • Marketing and sale of apartments

By thinking out of the box, Manos Group is changing the rules in the Israeli real estate market. Our activities are geared to innovative and non- traditional professional sectors in the real estate field, with our clients’ long-term needs at heart.

Our motto: inspire, imagine, innovate and act.

The primary focus of our activities is on the resident and his environment. This entails providing a range of solutions adapted to his preferences and needs, starting with design and continuing through the construction phase until the moment the keys are delivered. Our objective is always to ensure the resident’s well-being by creating an innovative, reassuring and productive environment.

Manos Group provides residents with the services of seasoned professionals who are leaders in their fields: architects, engineers, experts, lawyers, and financial advisors. Each member of our team applies all his knowledge and experience to ensuring that the resident is completely satisfied with the property and with his investment.