2015 – A significant year in the field of NMP in Jerusalem

Author: Moshe Shemesh

2015 is a significant year in the field of NMP 38 and urban renewal in Jerusalem. A special team from the Planning Administration of the Ministry of the Interior, which examines the implementation NMP 38 in Israel, reveals an increase in the number of requests for buildings reinforcement.


2015 – A breakthrough year

As assessed by experts, 2015 is a breakthrough year in the field of NMP. Many residents are aware of the importance of supporting the structures for the purpose of protection, security and earthquakes, as well as for economic gain. An extra security room, balcony, parking and storage and a renewed apartment, a reinforced building with a lobby and a lift, all raise the value of the apartment.


The property owners, developer contractor, local authority triangle

NMP 38 contains a triangle made up of the property owners, developer/contractor and the local authority. Each of the above forms an important factor in promoting the project, and can promote or undermine the entire project. Residents play an important part in the process in terms of the nature of organization, commitment to the project, and in assisting the developer contractor in promoting the project.

Manos Group provides comprehensive and professional service to tenants in the NMP 38 process, while focusing on Jerusalem. The company, which provides professional advice without obligation, supports and guides the tenants throughout the process from the signing and up to receiving the key. Manos Inc. has experience, reputation and proven planning and construction capabilities, with 25 NMP 38 and urban renewal projects.


Each project is like a flagship project

Manos Group manages 25 projects. The company executives refer to each project as if it is the flagship project. Full attention is paid to the project, from the interaction system with the tenants, through the management of architectural, legal and financial processes, and down to execution.


Key figures in the in real estate sector

Manos group is managed by major key figures in Jerusalem real estate sector. The group members are committed to the advancement of each project in the best way possible, and are involved, each in his own fields of expertise, in the entire stages of the process, in their attempt to gain optimal results under the set timetables and with the predetermined budget.


In 2015 further Jerusalem residents will join the NMP 38 cycle, and it is important that their projects will be carried out by a recognized company with extensive experience.