Vision and values

Manos Group focuses first and foremost on its clients. Employees are recruited to the highest standards because the Group is keenly aware of the important role its team plays in managing and executing complex real estate projects.

Manos Group’s vision is to successfully complete every project all four areas in which the Group is specialized: TAMA 38, evacuation and reconstruction for urban renewal, acquisition groups, and apartment sales.

These are innovative and promising real estate sectors. They are not ordinary, routine activities; they are novel and futuristic responses to the needs and trends of the Israeli market.


Placing the resident and his environment at the heart of our activities

Creating a home for the resident and his personal environment are our top priorities. To this end, we take the utmost care to design residences that ensure the resident’s well-being in a renewed and growing community.


Trust and professionalism

Trust is the fundamental value of the Manos Group, and making the resident and his environment the focal point of our activities implies unwavering trust and transparency. Because our clients’ satisfaction is our primary concern, we are especially attentive to their needs in order to provide the best solutions.


Excellence and innovation

Manos Group is committed to excellence and innovation in all aspects of its project management and places a high value on the implementation of imaginative actions based on a creative approach. Our teams are required to respect the highest standards for every new project.


Our motto: inspire, imagine, innovate and act.