Since this house is mine

The main core of Manos Group activity in real estate sector relies on four main activity foundations:

  • NMP 38 (TAMA 38) – Building upgrading and support.
  • Urban Renewal (Pinui Binui)- Management of urban renewal processes.
  • Acquisition groups – management and organization.
  • Marketing apartments.

Manos Group changes the game rules of the real estate sector in Israel by thinking outside the box. Operating within innovative professional and non-traditional real estate areas, while considering the tenant’s needs in the long-term.

To influence, inspire, and take ground-breaking steps are our guiding principles.

The basis for our activity is placing the tenant and his community at the center, while providing solutions for the various preferences and needs of the tenant, starting from the design stage, through execution and until providing him with the key, while maintaining the prosperity of the family unit within a renewing, fresh and flourishing community.

Manos Group provides tenants with experienced first-class professionals: architects, engineers, appraisers, attorneys, financial lenders, who do their best so that the tenant can gain the full value of his property or funds.

Acquisition Group in Jerusalem | Green Ramot