A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Real Estate

Guidelines to Innovative Management in Real Estate

By: Moshe Shemesh

A multi-disciplinary approach that combines creativity, vision, experience and professionalism.

The Basis for a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Real Estate

Today’s real estate field is moving toward innovative management, and of the hundreds of Israeli companies the Manos Group is one of the few that present a multi-disciplinary approach.
This approach is based on our multi-disciplinary expertise in the fields of Tama 38 building reinforcement, clearing and development (Pinui Binui), urban renewal process management, management and organization of acquisition groups, and full management of project implementation from the planning through the operational stages.

Human Capital as the Basis for an Innovative Company

Human capital makes all the difference between companies. When your human capital is invested in searching for the latest innovations and presenting new trends in real estate management, your managers and employees can make a difference and are the creative force which produces design and construction.

What is this human capital made up of?

Designers, architects, engineers, logistics management experts, financial professionals and sales and marketing personnel, all working together in harmony.

Urban Renewal is at the Heart of Innovative Real Estate

Urban renewal is a channel of innovation through its operational methods. An innovative company operates professional units for planning, management, and execution through the activities of its architects, engineers, builders, traffic advisors and safety consultants. Such a company is definitely founded on entrepreneurship and classical construction patterns which simply acquire land, market it, and build.

What is the structure of an innovative real estate company?

A different kind of entrepreneurial unit
The heart of the company is the entrepreneurial unit, which is capable of looking several steps ahead and providing answers according to market needs. The unit employs architects, strategic planners, builders, traffic advisors and engineers.

Legal Unit
The legal unit handles the resident’s needs, both at the macro and micro levels, and provides a wide range of solutions.

Customer Relations Unit
The customer relations unit defines the resident as the most important aspect of the project. All focus is on the resident and the unit provides him with solutions that ensure his family’s prosperity within a flourishing community.

Operation, Control and Implementation Unit
This is the unit which is responsible for executing the projects and operating in collaboration with a variety of builders.

Did you know?

The Manos Group is a real estate group that operates according to this innovative approach.