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//TAMA 38 – Projects Gallery

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Aba Khilkiya 5, Old Katamon, Jerusalem

A project set in Old Katamon, in Jerusalem, in a building that houses twelve residents. While facing many other competitors, Manos Group won and is now en route to make this project come true, by bringing it to meet the strictest and most up-to-date standards in the construction industry today.

Elmaliach 144, Katamon, Jerusalem

At the heart of the famous Katamon neighborhood, the group has initiated a unique project that will become a stepping stone in the way people treat the potential of the real estate in the neighborhood and the surrounding buildings. The cooperation of the residents and the negotiations for them, led by attorney Eli Tusiya Cohen (who was fully funded by the group) brought about the […]

Elazar HaModa’i 4, Greek Colony, Jerusalem

The Tama 38 city plan project in 4 Elazar HaModa’i St. has begun. The building is located in the Greek Colony in Jerusalem, an old neighborhood that was founded in the beginning of the 20thcentury, that as the years passed became a wanted property. The project includes an upgrade and expansion of the building. Its residents will benefit from luxurious apartments with additional space, and […]

Bolivia 4, Jerusalem

The 4 Bolivia St. building is considered a unique project in Kiryat Yovel. In the project, the building will be upgraded in terms of architecture and engineering. The building is situated near the Malha Mall, the Technology Garden, and benefits from neighborhood services such as the Philip Leon Community Center and highly-rated schools: Boyer, Arts and Himmelfarb.

HaShomer 10, Katamon, Jerusalem

This is a Tama 38 project found in the old Katamon neighborhood, in Jerusalem. The building’s residents will benefit from the expansion of their apartments: each will be given two new rooms, one of them a secure area, and two balconies. Furthermore, during the project the building will be renovated according to the strictest and most up-to-date standards in the construction industry. The building will […]

Bar Yohai 18, Katamon, Jerusalem

In the Katamon neighborhood, in 18 Bar Yohai Street, an upgrade is underway. It will include expansion of the building’s housing space, as part of the realization of the “Tama 38″. The project is a complicated one, in all of its aspect, requiring high skills in managing its execution.

Reish Lakish 10, Katamon, Jerusalem

A prestigious project set at the center of the old Katamon neighborhood. At the end of Reish Lakish Street, building number five will be upgraded and rebuilt to include an expansion with inward and outward planning of the building. The ground floor and the surrounding yard will be modified and each apartment will get a spacious balcony. The residents of the building at 10 Reish […]

Dahomey 6, Kiryat Menachem, Jerusalem

6 Dahomey St., a unique building in Kiryat Menachem, overlooking the breathtaking scenery of the Jerusalem Forest, is an optimal location, near schools, kindergartens, an amusement park, synagogues and shopping centers. The Kiryat Menachem quarter has enjoyed an increasing demand over the past decades due to the proximity the Technological Garden, the mall, Hadassah and of course the entry to and exit from Jerusalem. The […]


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