Pinui Binui

/Pinui Binui

Hevron Road 116, Talpiot, Jerusalem

This Tama 38 project will include the replacement of the water and sewage infrastructures, reinforcement of the foundations against earthquakes and additions to each apartment in the form of a new room and balcony. In addition, two new building floors will be built. The works will be conducted while meeting the strictest standards in the […]

Uruguay, Kiryat Yuvel, Jerusalem

Unlike other sites, this project can commence with construction, with no resident evictions until their transference to the new apartments.
Thanks to a unique architectural plan, residents will enjoy a significant increase in their quality of life and the value of their assets.
Existing residence units: 80 units
Future residence units: 240 units

Brazil, Kiryat Yovel, Jerusalem

Constructing a new house, instead of keeping the old house, is not a dream. This is a reality in the Brazil compound in Kiryat Yovel, Jerusalem, where a “mini-quarter” has been established.

Existing residence units: 65 units
Future residence units: 300 units


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